Summary of DEED project

The Kosovar diaspora has played a vital role throughout the recent history of Kosovo and remains one of the greatest potentials for development that it has.  Besides the 15-20% of GDP that come from financial transfers from the diaspora, Kosovars living abroad have a wealth of skills and knowledge that can help Kosovo overcome many of the persistent challenges faced.

The DEED project is an innovative initiative for enabling the Kosovo diaspora to take an active and effective role as development agents in their communities of origin. The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and implemented jointly by the United Nations Development Programme in Kosovo and International Organization for Migration mission in Kosovo.

The project consists of three main components that aim to achieve:

  1. Strengthened capacities of Kosovo authorities to implement the National Strategy for Diaspora 2013-2018;
  2. Upscaling and consolidation of the tested models and mechanisms that facilitate migrants’ investments in Kosovo;
  3. Improved business environment in Kosovo to facilitate development impact of migration and remittances

The project works with remittance receiving households, members of the Kosovo diaspora, as well as the relevant government authorities in Kosovo to create opportunities for Kosovo and its people, at home and abroad to create a better future.